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The oportunities will be there only for people moving fast enough, able to build systems on weeks or days. Information Technology is getting everywhere as the world is becoming more and more digital.

A lesson from the large systems :

  • based on patterns,
  • built on modules
  • communication is as important as modularity.

Modularity is a trending topic, and not only on Liferay, Java is getting on the wave as promised for Java 9. One of the aspects concerning the modularity on Liferay is OSGI, My impressions on the subject concerning Liferay were exposed on my previous post. The other part on the modularity for Liferay are the microservices.

Challenges for microservices

  • A new paradigm.
  • With communication challenges. (REST? SYNC? discovery?)
  • And more complex operation.

Microservices are small independent and composable that provides a service. It is not about the size, all is about the task that is carried by the microservice.

By using the microservices from the core components or from the OSGI modules, Liferay aims at maintening the current API.

Liferay modularity strategy is defined by 3 points:

  • allow independent implementation, deployed and evolved
  • allow combining existing pieces
  • allow reuse and customization.

And Liferay modularity is not only about the backend, modularity is being applied to the UI too – Check ECMAScript 2015.

In a nutshell   

Liferay 7 Modularity at your fingertips :

  • You can use microservices now :
    • in-VM microservices
    • Registry and communication
    • powerfull customisation
  • On the front-end too, Liferay 7 will :
    • use of ECMAScript 2015
    • transpile at build time
    • load modules dynamically at runtime.
    • be able to import js modules
  • Reuse and customise all the modules:
    • infrastructure, content digital marketing, ...
  • Replace any @component by your own component.
  • And many parts have been turned to components !
    • taglibs views,
    • product navigations item
    • image selector
  • And new nodular mindset in Liferay, with :
    • lexicon
    • liferay screens
    • graddle, maven, gulp
    • metal.js, it allows to build small modules that can be compatible with jquery
    • launchpad
  • if you can avoid it do not develop monoliths (see the bazaar and the cathedral) and breaks applications into modules.
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